Holiday Reflections

Greetings from South Texas, 
As the seasons change, I've had some reflections about life, running a business and Chub's mission. 
The highs and lows have been more pronounced lately. Adding some new friends to the Chub team and getting an awesome manufacturer has kept the momentum going. Yet sometimes it feels like the whole thing is a burden keeping me from being present in my relationships and doing the things I love like surfing and adventuring. In moments of wanting to give it all up, I hop on my board and it all comes back to me. The feelings of freedom and creativity that have inspired me since I started skateboarding 16 years ago. This is the season to go back to our roots and remember why we do what we do. Clearing our minds and experiencing the purity of the people, activities and places we love. 
I'm releasing my favorite new graphics for the holidays below and hooking it up with a discount bc financial stress is real. Everything in the store is 15% off as of now!!!!
With love, Jacob (Founder of Chub Cruisers) Reach out with any questions 214-543-1589