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We want you to be able to try what your bought before committing. You have seven days to try it out and decide to return. Returns must be in new condition, that means try out the skateboard inside/in a garage so it stays clean and doesn’t get scratched. Since we are a small company trying to make ends meet, we can’t pay for shipping on your returns right now. If you would like to make a return, click here or on the returns tab in the footer.

We haven’t had any problems with this so far, but if anything abnormal happens please contact us immediately. That could include a board cracking/breaking, trucks snapping, bearings giving out or a wheel coming apart. We will analyze your situation and most likely send you a replacement if it seems out of the ordinary.


No, a Chub is a hybrid. It is the same length as a regular board, but much wider. It is more stable than a regular board and rides like a cruiser you can still pop on.

Great question. The first thing you may notice is that we use a foam topper instead of traditional sandpaper grip. This allows for comfortable skating barefoot or with shoes. We also put rubber risers (in between trucks and deck) and soft wheels to cushion the shockwaves sent from rocks, cracks and eroding pavement.

Our goal is to create the smoothest cruising experience around. The wider board and wide trucks makes it a stable platform for learning how to skate. We use longboard style trucks that let you carve, giving more of a surfing feeling. If you would like more info check out our product page here and watch a review from a 3rd party reviewer here.

Honestly, any level and style can have fun on a Chub. Beginners love them for their stability and easy of use. Old skaters love the wide style and rip curbs and bowls. Surfers love them for skating to the beach and carving around when there's no waves. Even little kids love them for the foam top so they don’t get scraped up.

If you have more questions of if a Chub is right for you drop a message in our chat box or send via contact us page.