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Chub Surf Skate
The riders have spoken!
We created a board you can carve barefoot and pump down the street on because we know the feeling all too well.
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The Details

Anatomy of a Chub

Wheels: 65MM, 78A soft and grippy!
Trucks: 10" wide, longboard trucks (reverse kingpin) for deep carves.
Foam Topper: 5MM thick foam is grippy and squishy.
Board: 11" wide, 33"long, exact same nose and tail.

What makes it so comfortable?

Soft wheels, rubber riser pads and foam grip cushions your ride like no other board.


Jacob created the first Chub when he put a wakeskate on trucks to skate when recovering from ankle surgery.


It's key to our success

Recycle your old wheels here

balance boards

Balance is a lifetime pursuit. Our boards are a fun way to steady your focus and improve skills for surfing and skating. Snag one! p.s. they make a great gift...
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